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Sergio Nin
President and Senior Advisor
E-mail: sergionin@chilebesttravel.com

Sergio Nin has worked since 1951 in different positions related to Tourism in Chile. He began being on of the founder´s employees of Turismo Cocha (one of the oldest and biggest Travel Agency and Tour Operator in Chile) and after several positions he was Manager of Sportstour (second biggest Incoming Tour Operator in Chile) for 35 years. Later was General Manager and partner of Chile Allways Tour, until he sold the company. Don Sergio is part of the history and progress of the incoming tourism in Chile and his work is recognized by the whole market for his professionalism and perfectionism. Mr Nin is our President and Senior advisor on partners and service supliers so everything related to your customers must pass through him to be aproved.
Alcides Nin
Manager and Partner
E-mail: alcidesnin@chilebesttravel.com

Alcides, second generation in the Travel Business, studied tourism and has worked for the last 25 years at airlines, tour operators and travel agencies. He was Turismo Tajamar Corporate Manager (one of the biggest travel Agencies in Chile) and is owner of Limaritours, a small local operator in Chile's mid-North area. He is an advisor in Quality and Customer Service in the Hotel and Tourism field. He is in charge of the whole company and supervises and attend all the Tours we handle personally, so your passengers or Tour Conductors will meet him as soon as they arrived in Chile. Feel free to contact Alcides directly, for all your requirements.
Guido Yañez
Traffic and Operation Chief
E-mail: gyanez@chilebesttravel.com

Guido worked for 30 years at Sportstour too, as Head of Traffic. There, he was in charge of all land and transport operations of the company, achieving experience, contacts and knowledge of the most important part of the operations throughout Chile. He is in charge of the traffic department, being the right person to coordinate and supervise all ground operations in Santiago and sorroundings. Guido will make sure your passengers will not miss their personal cars or vans, providing the best guides and ground transportation to all your passengers.
Our Friends and Partners in Chile
Desert Adventure
San Pedro and Atacama Desert

Desert Adventure is a travel and tourism company, located in the district of San Pedro de Atacama, which offers tourist services for anyone visiting the area, adopting a commitment to the environment and good practices in the field.
Our quality services and professionalism of all our team, allows us to offer a satisfactory experience for all our passengers.
Team Drivers and team guides: Professional and experienced in the area and tourist attractions, with a minimum of 3 years of experience each.
Administrative Team: Always willing to help all our clients and provide them with all the information they require, language management is essential, as well as the handling of relevant tourist information.
Rapanui Travel
Easter Island

Rapanui Travel is a tour operator with German and Rapa Nui owners based in Rapa Nui. The company was founded in 1998 and they provide services to passengers from all over the world. They have the experience of working with National, European, North American, Asian and Latin American markets. Their greatest strength is their multilingual guides with long career in their profession, few exceptions are the Rapa Nui ethnic group or Rapa Nui couples, living many years on the island. They provide all services to ensure an unforgettable stay for your customers.
Mapa Travel
Lake District

Mapa Travel, are working since 1999 in the lake district region and other parts of Chile and Argentina. They are in charge of the incoming department, coordinating all services for your customers.
They loves nature tours with excursions that allow them to show the beauties in National Parks and the entire region. They are experts in birds watching tours and everything related to nature, so your clients will feel like in home when they will visit the Lake Region of Chile.
Mapa Travel has been working with us for many years, giving us always the best service to all our passengers. We are sure Mapa Travel is our key partner in the Lake district.
Turismo Comapa
Punta Arenas, Patagonia and Antartica

They are an experienced Tour Operator in Chilean-Argentinean Patagonia established since 1988. They have a long experience and professionalism in tourism that allow them to give a service warranty to all clients that visit Patagonia us.
In all kind of travels, such as regular programs, adventure tours, cruises or excursions, Turismo Comapa has the ability to provide each one of services available in Patagonia for all our passengers.
In conjunction with Turismo Comapa, we will give all our passengers the best service in Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and the Antarctica.
We invite you to feel and live the Patagonia in all its greatness.
Astronomy Adventures/Hernan Julio
AstroTourism Valle del Elqui
General Manager

Hernán Julio, General Manager is a Journalist and Lawyer specialized in Astronomy. He is currently Administrator and Coordinator of the Visits for the Observatory La Silla y Paranal, of the European Southern Observatory, ESO. Founder and CEO of Astronomy Valley, a marketplace of astronomy, which offers astronomical and astro tourism services and products. In addition, Director of the magazine, specializing in Astronomy, Astrovida. His experience extends to more than 30 years of work in professional observatories installed in Chile, such as Tololo, Las Campanas, La Silla and Paranal, so if you have professional passengers or jsut people who likes to see the stars, we have the right partner to serve them.
Gran Patagonia
Noth and South Patagonia

Turismo Gran Patagonia is a tourism company that has been stablished in the town of Coyhaique in Aysen, Patagonia for over 16 years. They are very proud to announce that beyond operating this region, they have extended their services to the rest of the Patagonia in Chile and Argentina, including Tierra del Fuego Island, Puerto Williams in Navarino Island and the Antarctic.
They want to seduce your clients with the quality of their products and services, and our care for the environment.
They are proud to have been awarded the “Seal of Quality Tourism” by Sernatur, the official National Tourism Service, for 6 years. Gran Patagonia is also part of the Chamber of Commerce, 'Turismo de Coyhaique' and 'Turismo Chile'.
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