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Chile┬┤s capital, where everything starts. Passengers arrive at a modern and always expanding airport due to the high volume of traffic nationwide and international.

Santiago is a modern and safe city with good services and accommodations for all your passengers. Everybody will be surprised by Santiago┬┤s modern infrastructure and internal highways, including long underground roads.

In Santiago, your passengers will find everything they want to see and visit, as Valparaiso, our main port and one the oldest in South America. Also, excellent Ski resorts are just one hour from Santiago, like Valle Nevado, El Colorado or Farellones. Portillo is a little far North East to Santiago.
Chile is well known for its wines. Near Santiago, your passengers can visit wine valleys as Casablanca and wineries like Santa Rita or San Pedro, both well know all over the wine world.

Santiago has very good Museums, like Precolumbian Museum of Art or our National Art Museum, art Galleries with continuous art expositions and shows, excellent seafood and international cuisine restaurants, typical neighbors, in fact, everything your valued customers are looking for.
Just offer your clients to start their trip to Chile in Santiago and enjoy the life we are proud to show our visitors.
Santiago Town view
Main Square
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