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Patagonia, a very large and isolated region shared with Argentina, our neighbor country, is a place where your passengers will be amazed by the wonders of nature.

Punta Arenas is the region Capital where all our tours start. This old City is very well known by the ancient mariners due to its close proximity to the Cape Horn, famous to be the most difficult ocean pass in the world, will offer good accommodations and very good tours. Other reason for which Punta Arenas is famous, is its extraordinary seafood like King Crab which your passengers will try too. Near Punta Arenas, passengers can visit Bulnes Fort and near Puerto Natales, everybody can visit the Milodon cave, a mythological local animal or a good typical Patagonian Farm.

At 4 hours’ drive from Punta Arenas, passengers arrive at Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine National Park (granted a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve status in 1978). Here will see amazing scenery of the towering mountains, glaciers and forests. The most famous scene of Torres del Paine is the three large rock towers in the Paine Mountains which will get everybody almost breathtaking.

The mountaintops of Cuernos del Paine, the glacial lakes of Lago Grey, Lago Pehoe and Lago Nordenskjöld, and the Grey and Dickson Glaciers are also among the natural wonders your passengers will visit.

Don´t forget to book and offer all your clients to visit this unique region, where they will keep remembers that will last forever.

Paine Towers
Punta Arenas (Bulnes Fort)
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