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This is Chile´s one of the most beautiful regions. Puerto Montt, the city where everything starts, it is just 1 hour and a half from Santiago in a direct flight. This port city is famous for its extraordinary seafood and also a must stop for Cruises and private Yachts trips.

From here, your passengers will enjoy incredibly beautiful natural scenery, with top snow volcanoes, virgin and ancient forest and more. They can visit Puerto Varas or Frutillar, two wonderful towns at Lago´s LLanquihue lake shore or Pucon or Villarica, two pretty towns at Villarica´s lake shore.

The lake district is also well known for its wonderful fly fishing lodges where your passengers can enjoy the scenery while they practice their favorite fishing sport.

The lake region is the door to the greater Patagonia region of Chile, where a completely different world waits for your passengers.
Fly Fishing
Osorno Volcano
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