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All our Tours are created and managed by professionals. All include high-end transportation and professional tour guides (all bilingual)

Viña del Mar
Wine & Bike Tours


Chile´s capital, where everything starts. Passengers arrive at a modern and always expanding airport due to the high volume of traffic nationwide and international.
Santiago is a modern and safe city with good services and accommodations for all your passengers. Everybody will be surprised by Santiago´s modern infrastructure and internal highways, including long underground roads.
In Santiago and sourroundings, your passengers will find everything they want to see and visit, as Valparaiso, our main port and one the oldest in South America. Also, excellent Ski resorts are just one hour from Santiago, like Valle Nevado, El Colorado or Farellones. Portillo is a little far North East to Santiago.
Chile is well known for its wines. Near Santiago, your passengers can visit wine valleys as Casablanca and wineries like Santa Rita or San Pedro, both well know all over the wine world.
Santiago has very good Museums, like Precolumbian Museum of Art or our National Art Museum and many Art Galleries with continuous art expositions and shows. We have excellent seafood and international cuisine restaurants, typical neighbors, in fact, everything your valued customers are looking for.
Just offer your clients to start their trip to Chile in Santiago and enjoy the life we are proud to show our visitors.
Torres del Paine


Patagonia, a very large and isolated region shared with Argentina, our neighbor country. It´s a place where your passengers will be amazed by the wonders of nature.
Punta Arenas is the region main city where all our tours start. This old City is very well known by the ancient mariners due to its close proximity to the Cape Horn, famous to be the most difficult ocean pass in the world. Punta Arenas will offer good accommodations and very good tours. Near town passengers can visit Bulnes Fort or visit the magellan Strait. Other reason for which Punta Arenas is famous, is its extraordinary seafood like King Crab which your passengers can try too.
At 4 hours’ drive from Punta Arenas, passengers arrive at Puerto Natales and Torres del Paine National Park (granted UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve status in 1978). Here will see amazing scenery of the towering mountains, glaciers and forests. The most famous scene of Torres del Paine is the three large rock towers in the Paine Mountains which will get everybody almost breathtaking.
The mountaintops of Cuernos del Paine, the glacial lakes of Lago Grey, Lago Pehoe, Lago Nordenskjöld, and the Grey and Dickson Glaciers are also among the natural wonders your passengers will visit.
Don´t forget to book and offer all your clients to visit this unique region, where they will get remembers that will last forever.

ALMA Observatory

Offer your passengers fanatics of the stars, come to Chile to enjoy the clearest skies in the world.
That's right, Chile is the base of some of the largest astronomical observatories in the world, such as ALMA, Cerro Tololo, Cerro Paranal and ESO Observatory (European Southern Observatory). All these observatories have chosen Chile for its clear skies and its quality of scientists for this wonderful science. We can proudly say that in the North of Chile, you can have 300 days per year with no clouds in the skies.
All your passengers can visit, with a reservation well in advance, some of these centers of Astrology and Tourism.
Do not let your passengers miss the opportunity to enjoy the wonder of Chile's skies.

Lauca National Park
Moon Valley

Just this, the driest desert in the world! Yes, 40,600 square miles (105,000 km²) of salt lakes and sand where in some areas, have not rain for the last 400 years!
All this, make the Atacama Desert a must visit in Chile, with lunar landscapes, salt flats, geysers and adding the clearest skies to see the stars in the world
Atacama is located far north from Santiago, where passengers can get there by a 2 hours flight.
Atacama and its small-town San Pedro de Atacama offer from 5 stars Hotels and Spa´s to Hostels, good food with local touches like Guanaco meat and old local Indians food as Chia and Quinoa. Also, passengers can visit the archeological museum to see the oldest mummies in the world (yes! more than Egyptian Tutankhamun!).
From here we can offer you tours to visit the Moon Valley, Tatio Geysers, Toconao Village, the Atacama salt flat, make a good bike ride or just relax and enjoy the sky and the stars in the night.
Atacama Desert for sure is one of the best reasons to visit Chile.
Moai Statue
Tapati Party
Easter Island

Easter Island is one of the most unique destinations your passengers can visit. Located south-east in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is just a 6 hours flight from Santiago.
The Island which is called Rapa Nui in the local dialect, with its big statues called Moai (which some of them are more than 10 meters tall), its Volcanoes and the old Island history told by locals, are a must for every adventure passenger.
The Island offers good accommodations, very good seafood (tell your passengers to try the best Tuna fish in the world!) and excellent tours to visit the whole island.
Rapa Nui Island along with some other good destination in the country will let your clients astonished and with hungry to be back in Chile.

Only connoisseurs of good wine know that Chile has and produces among the best wines in the world.
With medals won in the most prestigious wine competitions in the world, Chile has gained the reputation of having the best wine cellars, with unique and other famous strains such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
The good weather conditions allow very good plantations all over the central part of the country, where Chile stretches 600 miles from north to south – a fertile basin nestled between the majestic Andes and the Pacific Coast.
Invite your wine experts to come to Chile and try one of the best wines in the world.
Santa Cruz Vineyard

This is Chile´s one of the most beautiful regions. Puerto Montt, the city where everything starts, it is just 1 hour and a half from Santiago in a direct flight. This port city is famous for its extraordinary seafood and also a must stop for Cruises and private Yachts trips.
From here, your passengers will enjoy incredibly beautiful natural scenery, with top snow volcanoes, virgin and ancient forest and more. They can visit Puerto Varas or Frutillar, two wonderful towns at Lago´s LLanquihue lake shore or Pucon or Villarica, two pretty towns at Villarica´s lake shore.
The lake district is also well known for its wonderful fly fishing lodges where your passengers can enjoy the scenery while they practice their favorite fishing sport.
The lake region is the door to the greater Patagonia region of Chile, where a completely different world waits for your passengers.
Pretrohue River
Hotel Portillo
Valle Nevado Resort

Offer your passengers to ski in the Southern hemisphere, while they are in the summer holidays! Yes, all ski fanatics can visit Chile and enjoy the best snow.

Chile´s ski resorts like Hotel Portillo or Valle Nevado are famous because of their high-end service and excellent premises.

Do you know that in Chile your passengers can be skiing in the morning and be on the beach in the afternoon? Due to our narrow country, some of our ski resorts are just 400 km far from the beach, not counting that in the far south, in Punta Arenas, you can ski viewing the Cape Horn shore. This is only one thing why Chile is well known as one of the best countries to ski. The best months to Ski are between June and September.

Chile Best Travel will wait and attend your passenger to have the best ski experience in our country.
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