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Lauca National Park
Tatio Geysers
Just this, the driest desert in the world! Yes, 40,600 square miles (105,000 km²) of salt lakes and sand where in some areas, have not rain for the last 400 years!

All this, make the Atacama Desert a must visit in Chile, with lunar landscapes, salt flats, geysers and adding the clearest skies to see the stars in the world

Atacama is located far north from Santiago, where passengers can get there by a 2 hours flight.

Atacama and its small-town San Pedro de Atacama offer from 5 stars Hotels and Spa´s to Hostels, good food with local touches like Guanaco meat and old local Indians food as Chia and Quinoa. Also, passengers can visit the archeological museum to see the oldest mummies in the world (yes! more than Egyptian Tutankhamun!)

From here we can offer you tours to visit the Moon Valley, Tatio Geysers, Toconao Village, the Atacama salt flat, make a good bike ride or just relax and enjoy the sky and the stars in the night.

Atacama Desert surely is one of the best reasons to visit Chile.
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